Refrigerator Freezer Temperature Log Month/Year Freezer needs to be at 5 F -15 C or colder 40 F is the ideal temperature. 0 F or colder is ideal* Record the Time Temperatures Initials two times 2 each business day upon arrival morning and when closing the office at the end of the day evening. Circle the F or C below to identify whether temperatures are taken in Fahrenheit or Celsius DAY 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th April 2008 TIME REFRIG FREEZER am F C pm INITIALS...
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Welcome to the New Mexico vaccines for children video tutorial on how to record freezer temperatures on a temperature log here is a New Mexico vaccines for children temperature log it consists of two pages the first page covers days of the month 1 through 15 and the second covers 16 through the end of the month start a new two page temperature log at the beginning of every month first make sure that you are using the correct temperature log for the county that your clinic is located in each Public Health Region in the state has a specific temperature log that lists the fax number and other contact information for the immunization coordinators in that region to get started we will fill out all of the information required on the top of the temperature log at the top of the form is a space to write the name of the facility the pin and the telephone number please record the best phone number to reach you if there's a question about the temperature log the unit number helps everyone know which storage unit you are recording temperatures for be consistent in the numbering of the units for example if you have two freezers and the one in the medication room is number one call it number one every month please also include the total number of storage units in your facility in the blank after the word of such as unit one of two there is also a space to write in the current month and year temperatures must be monitored twice each working day place an X through the days that the clinic is closed and write weekend through the column also mark out other days such as holidays when the office is closed and temperatures are not monitored now let's review how to record the temperature readings on the temperature log when you arrive at the clinic in the morning before opening the freezer for the first time check the current temperature that is displayed on the thermometer each temperature log has two sections one for a refrigerator and one for a freezer in the freezer section place an X in the box that corresponds with the temperature shown on the thermometer display freezer temperatures should be between negative 58 and positive five degrees Fahrenheit if the temperature three degrees or less including all negative numbers put the X in the bottom row record the exact time that you checked the vaccine temperatures then recorded the room temperature of the room where the vaccine storage unit is located and finally record your initials at the top of the column at the end of the clinic day it is time to check the thermometer displays again and record the current temperature on the temperature log along with the time the room temperature and your initials at the end of the month it is time to send in the temperature log to the regional immunization office for review temperature logs must be submitted by the first day of the month the temperature logs can be faxed to the regional immunization office the number is listed at the bottom of the log alternatively logs can be...